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Hello! i love animated stuff so i make alot of animated stuff i hope you enjoy!

i want to use this space to also show off some of my awesome peeps and people who have really supported me in my deviantart quest:
:iconblusilurus: :icongold94chica: :icongeeksomniac: :iconkpopbia: :iconnsyuliciousstudio: :iconemistudios:

Spring-trap the super troll by Jupiterjumper2


i very rarely favorite things...
only if i absolutely love it

like this:
[G] The Puppets Watching by BluSilurus

super noice


Save Me from this Hellish Fate (Read Description) by gold94chica

hehe ok lets see if i can pull off a good review... vision: well after reading your lengthy description and am more than positive that ...

It's Party Time!! 500 WATCHERS!!  (SFM Wallpaper) by gold94chica

Wow... Just wow.... I have made many sfm posters but this has got to be one of my favorites!! I'm so happy to be the guy that helped yo...


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342 / 2,000
you know how a donate button works, right? you can donate the monies for free! (well no you need monies to donate monies) so if ya want too, donatez now!

or give your spare change to that one legless hobo in a pacman Hoodie i met in Prague... he was a very nice man. except for the part where he tried to shank me...

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    Donated Sep 19, 2015, 6:29:29 PM
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  • :iconkpopbia:
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I would like to announce that my absence can be almost 90% blamed on Bloodborne. Finally got the game and have yet to stop playing.

Ludwig is bae
Orphan of Kos can siphon a phallic member

that is all, good day


Jupiterjumper2's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Father Ferguson 16bit style by LSFDevelopment

hello i am a crappy sfm and photoshop artist. i mostly just do it for fun and i don't expect a career out of it. my father is in the military so i move around alot and i have friends around the states and germany (which is where i am currently living). if you want to note me or chat feel free to do so, i will try to respond asap. (also if you live in the united states please remember that i live in a different timezone and i may not respond right away

also yes... i'm the cunt that made Five Funky nights at Freddy's. i try to post my "beautiful" SFM art here whenever i make any but most of the time i'm working on shite videos.

if you want to add me on steam my account is jupiterjumper2 (i play gmod and use source filmmaker)


also check out my source filmakker fnaf group here:

some scrubs from youtube: :iconguuchama: :iconmalohn: :icon3enragement-child3: :icondr-dash: :iconmurder-of-crewes: :iconmrrawe: :icongtapsycho: :iconniksonyt:

and now the hall of awesome nerds!!

:iconblusilurus: hehe thanks for being one of my best friends! thanks for all your help in my DA adventure

:icongold94chica: hehe another amazing friend! thanks for all the help in my animations and just for being an awesome person to talk too!

:iconkpopbia: more amazing friends! you are an awesome artist and a great person to talk to!

:iconnsyuliciousstudio: even more amazing freinds!! you are an awesome friend and i just love all of your art!

:iconemistudios: hehe i love the random chats we have and all of your awesome artwork! thanks for being a great friend!

:iconguuchama: Rawr rawr rawr. rawr rawr? rawr rawr rawr!

who knows maybe you could be here too hehe...
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"Fergy how come u didn't respond wen i sent u birfday wishes!!?" I hear you say. well i'll tell you randomly quoted deviantart user.

i was away in the U.S. because my grandmother recently passed and i had to attend the funeral and be with the family. I know it sounds very sad but it really is fine she lived a full 89 year life.

anyways I now have the pleasure to dig through mountains of messages. thank you for being patient while i was a away and again, thank you for the birthday wishes!
  • Listening to: Hopes and dreams... again and again and...
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it's that time again!

were you a good lil boy/girl/rawr?
did Sinter Klause come and fill you shoes with jewels? probably not ya loser

anyways fergy is cooking up a special digital moving image sequence just for such an occasion! too bad i'm a lazy little shit and it probably won't be done today unless I kick it into overdrive...

anyways make sure too enjoy all you goodies and all you family members including you uncle ryan who always gets wasted before 2 pm

k bye

oh yeah take this too
Rump-in-da-house by Jupiterjumper2
made it me self that I did
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want to know the kind of shite i listen too? no?! TOO BAD!

know what people don't know is that i'm not a huge fan of radio/band music (i still like alot of it though) 
i'm a huge sucker for Video game music... when i play a video game i want to feel like a total badass so i need some badass music. so i'm usually a massive fan of final boss music/boss music in particular! i usually find an extended version and listen to it for hours.

so i give you some of my favorite music too listen too while making posters/animations or just being lazy!

first one! from a game called super meat boy and composed by the amazing Danny Baranowsky is sadly not a final boss theme however it is my favorite track from the OST (the rest are also amazing)

next is from a game i have been playing way too much but i don't care! the Splatoon Final Boss theme:

next is actually from a mario game. i was massivley surprised that this theme came from a mario game but the final boss theme was amazing. also the title compliments the song Adventure's End:

a new edition to my favs is an amazing final boss theme from an absolutley amazing game! Bravely Default has an awesome soundtrack and the boss theme is spectacular:


ok so this last one is not a boos theme but i love it because Luigi's mansion is one of my favorite games ever and the credits are just so jazzy and nostalgic. i listened to this one so many times i can remember every note.

lol this is only a few that i like to listen too...

listen if you want to be a video game developer one day/already are one... i'm a sucker for good video game music (especially boss fights). so if your music is good i'll buy your game lol.

yeah i know that this is kind of a dumb journal but i've been inactive on DA so i thought i would share some musics with you.

k bye now

have a spider kyle
Spiders Lol4 by Jupiterjumper2


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